If you took advantage of the photo ops at the Mid-South Legends Fanfest and would like to receive the digital images via email, please send a list of the photo ops you had made to Questions@MidSouthLegends.com. Please attach a scan of one of your photo ops so we know what you look like.

The Mid-South Legends Fanfest, featuring wrestling's legendary heroes and villains alongside a bevy of today's top superstars and future legends, takes place Friday, April 4, 2014 at the historic Sigur Center in Chalmette, Louisiana, formerly known as the Saint Bernard Civic Center and one of the regular stops on the old Mid-South wrestling circuit.

Some of the greatest names associated with professional wrestling in the past 50 years will be here, not only to renew old friendships (and rivalries,) but to meet and greet and talk over old times with their fans.

The Mid-South Legends Fanfest is a "dream come true" for any old-school wrestling enthusiast. It affords us an opportunity to meet, chat with and get autographs from the legendary performers from our childhood, photo opportunities with all of the wrestlers, question-and-answer sessions, live wrestling action showcasing some of today's top talents and future legends, and a vendors area with every kind of wrestling memorabilia imagineable; basically, "everything under the sun" that a wrestling fan could want.

Featured legends include Cowboy Bill Watts, the Rock-n-Roll Express, Jim Cornette and his Midnight Express, Mr. Wrestling II, Superstar Bill Dundee, Kamala the Ugandan Giant, the Fantastics, Mr. Olympia, Sheepherder Luke, Porkchop Cash and Dark Journey. The day's festivities will be hosted by TNA Knockout SoCal Val.

VIP-only Question-and Answer sessions will showcase some of Mid-South wrestling's greatest names and allow fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask questions they may have wondered about. A morning "Breakfast Of Champions" Q&A features two of the greatest tag teams of all time, the Rock-n-Roll Express and Midnight Express, alongside manager Jim Cornette and former matchmaker Superstar Bill Dundee. In the evening, Platinum VIP "All Access" Pass holders will enjoy a nice Cajun dinner followed by an intimate interactive discussion with former North American champion and Mid-South promoter Cowboy Bill Watts.

Additionally, many vendors will have "booth guests," including ECW original Tommy Dreamer, former WWE Diva Kaitlyn, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine and Marcus "Buff" Bagwell.

The "Battle Lines" Supercard, an evening of live wrestling action, will cap off the day's events with the inaugural "JYD Memorial Cup" Battle Royal, in honor of the late, great Junkyard Dog. Competitors from at least eight wrestling organizations will do battle on this huge seven-match card. Battle lines will be drawn when wrestlers from different eras and areas of the country square off.

All VIP "All Access" Pass holders will have early admission beginning at 9 a.m.

Platinum VIP "All Access" Pass holders will have exclusive admission to the Autograph Stage where they'll receive two free autographs from each of the featured legends.

All VIP "All Access" Pass holders will have first access to all photo op sessions, exclusive admission to the two awesome Question-and-Answer sessions, and a reserved Ringside seat for Friday night's live "Battle Lines" wrestling supercard! Throw in a free fanfest t-shirt, a copy of the full-color souvenir program and a VIP "All Access" Pass with neck lanyard and you have the ultimate VIP hookup!

VIP "All Access" Passes start at just $99 and are on sale now at this link. Any remaining VIP "All Access" Passes will be available for purchase at our Registration Booth the day of the event.

There is also a $19 General Admission ticket available for daytime festivities, as well as individual tickets for the live wrestling matches in the evening.

Please navigate the links at the top to see everything the Mid-South Legends Fanfest has to offer. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Questions@MidSouthLegends.com.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of a truly special weekend and celebrate wrestling tradition in the heart of one the greatest wrestling territories ever!

A masked man entering a convenience store or a bank or even approaching the President would alarm anyone, unless it was the masked pro wrestling legend Mr. Wrestling II.

“I was probably the only wrestler to wear a mask who could go anywhere back then,” he said. “In Florida, I could walk into a bank with that mask on, and no one would say anything but ‘Hi.’ Don’t misunderstand me. I wouldn’t do that all the time, but I could.”

Mr. Wrestling II (real name Johnny Walker) wore the mask meeting politician Jimmy Carter in the 1970s. Carter, who became Governor of Georgia, later won the election for President of the United States.

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What would you think if a masked man walked into a bank, hurried into a convenience store or even approached the President?

Well, if the masked man is Mr. Wrestling II, he is greeted with a smile and welcomed with open arms. Maybe not so much by the Secret Service, but definitely by President Jimmy Carter and his mom and big-time pro wrestling fan, the late Miss Lillian.

Mostly a fan favorite -- though II had his moments -- you can see this legend on WWE Network.

The shimmy, a patented running high knee lift and his fiery, sincere gift for gab, Mr. Wrestling II shined bright as one of the most popular wrestlers in the 1970s and 80s. He actually debuted in 1956, long before becoming Mr. Wrestling II.

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Mid-South wrestling Fanfest a 'total dream day' for fans, legends

Matt Riviera was flipping through the channels when he was 12 years old and stopped on a World Championship Wrestling program. He saw toughness. He saw colorful characters. He immediately fell in love with the business.

His passion for wrestling only grew from there. By 15, Riviera was taking pictures and working on programs for local events in Arkansas and at 17, he promoted his first show.

Riviera, now 30, has been running Traditional Championship Wrestling for the past several years, and his programming reaches more than 50 million homes in HD. He’s also living the dream as a professional wrestler, heading the Empire faction.

His latest project is the first ever Mid-South Legends Fanfest during WrestleMania week in April. The Fanfest will take place at the Sigur Center in Chalmette on Friday, April 4, and it’s an all-day affair, starting at 9 a.m. Riviera said he noticed in his time in the business that many other old territories had fanfests but there hadn’t been one for Mid-South, which ran shows in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and parts of Texas from 1979 to 1986.

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